Hardwell and Afrojack collaborate under unusual circumstances


The best collaborations just might be born from the most chance encounters.

Cue the latest musical project to be jointly expected from two dance music’s dominant Dutchmen, and . “When Hardwell] had to make an emergency landing, you’ll pick him up and you’ll travel together working on new music” wrote Afrojack in an Instagram posted yesterday. The Instagram caption accompanied a photograph Hardwell perched atop Afrojack’s shoulders.

Fresh f his performance at Ultra Music Festival Europe, Hardwell encountered plane trouble on his return to the Netherlands that diverted the DJ’s flight. The pilot the plane was required to execute an emergency landing in Split, Croatia once the plane’s flaps were discovered to be inadequate to last for the duration the flight, the plane’s flaps experiencing mechanical failure.

As serendipity would have it, Afrojack too was in Split, awaiting his own departure to Crete where he would appear at Hersonissos. Afrojack invited Hardwell aboard his own private jet where the pair set to work on new music. “What exactly they produced together, we don’t know…But people can expect that they may release something together,” confirmed Afrojack’s manager, Ludvie Mailuhi. Mailuhi’s affirmation the DJs’ collaboration has only been further solidified since by Afrojack’s Instagram.

Hardwell went on to perform b2b style with Afrojack in Hersonissos, making for a very happy accident for those in attendance at Starbeach, the European seaside amusement park that hosted the duo that evening.

Stream Afrojack’s full Ultra Europe set below:


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Hardwell and Afrojack collaborate under unusual circumstances