Superlover is 'Loving It' on nostalgia-and-filter-laced new track


Superlover has unveiled new track ‘I’m Loving It’ on Sweat It Out! label fshoot Club Sweat!

Following the release his three-track ‘Piano Wunder’ EP in October, the Berlin producer’s latest is inspired by the classic late 1990s/early 2000s French Touch releases that shaped his sound.

“It was towards the end the millennium when I switched from playing and producing techno to house music,” he says the track.

“Like so many other clubbers I got totally infected with the filter disco French house vibe … it was that time in my life that I had in mind when I worked on ‘I’m Loving It’.”

The Sweat It Out!/Club Sweat! release is out December 8 and follows a remix Yolanda Be Cool’s ‘From Me To You’ from Superlover on the Australian label family.