Top 5: Rave Tracks with Perc


London-based Perc is known as a central figure in the techno scene, with his productions being some the most innovative and forward-thinking at the moment.

When it comes to DJ sets, and music selection in general, Perc has an incredibly extensive and broad taste, with his performances encapsulating audiences from the Berghain to Fabric to Unit in Tokyo. Luckily for us at Stoney Roads, we were able to pick his brains for his Top 5 rave tracks and why they are so important, and we were given some absolute gold in return. View the top 5 below.

1: Acen – Trip II The Moon (Part 2 Darkside)

The mark by which all tunes should be measured. Tearing beats, the best panning riff ever, and more ideas in six minutes than most tech house producers manage in a lifetime.

2: A Guy Called Gerald – Cyberjazz

Taken from his seminal Black Secret Technology album, this track and the whole album have such a unique, insular vibe. Stuff like this does not have the same power as a No U-Turn or Renegade Hardware release from a few years later, but it still carries the same slightly paranoid, ‘always looking over it’s shoulder’ mood.

3: MC Lethal – The Phantom (Opera Mix)

This has it all: the beats, the breaks, the vocals, and the cascading pianos.

4: The Prodigy – Music Reach 1, 2, 3, 4 (live)

Choosing a Prodigy track will never get you the most underground cred, but this live version perfectly sums up the energy seeing The Prodigy all over the UK in my late teens. Pure energy.

5: Slipmatt – Breaking Free

Late hardcore or maybe more like early jungle. An anthem for my mates and I around 1994 – 1996. So many cheeky production touches on this one, it is still inspiring.

Perc kicks f his tour Australia and New Zealand this weekend in Auckland and Christchurch. Full tour dates below.

Tour Dates:
Friday 8th December 
Saturday 9th December
Friday 15th December – (online tickets sold out)
Saturday 16th December – (sold out)
Sunday 17th December