Watch The Presets’ wonky new video for ‘Do What You Want’


Aussie dance legends and long-time party starters The Presets have returned to be blasted through our speakers with a new track titled ‘Do What You Want’. Just in time to launch f their headlining show next week at the Warehouse Collective event, with fellow aussie old-timers Bag Radiers, as well as Kilter, Nyxen, and Lucy Cliche. 

The video is daft and colourful. An abstract visual presentation that fits the dark, ominous tone the track. It’s quirky, strange and has lots cuts, so it’s hard to exactly tell what is going on but it certainly looks rather dazzling. Definitely give it a peep if you want to see the Presets get weird.

Catch this track set f a crowd in live action time at The Warehouse Collective, which will be taking place on Saturday December 16th  at Sydney’s Exhibition Hall. Don’t miss this lineup, it will be a rager.

Watch this arthouse-esque music vid here: