High definition Vinyl is a thing and it’s on it’s way!


Ever heard high definition vinyl records? Me either, but they’re a’coming!

German startup Rebeat Innovation are currently working on the first HD vinyls, which could be in stores as early as next year. Welcome to the future wax.

As reported by , the company patented a new method vinyl pressing back in 2016 that produces “High Definition (HD) Audio” and enables “LP records to be produced with full frequency response and a striking improvement in listening quality.” They use “3D-based topographical mapping combined with laser inscription technology”, which is layman’s terms means they have some futuristic-ass pressing system.

Rebeat Innovation’s founder Günter Loibl believes we – the lovers vinyl in the world – will have ears on HD vinyl as soon as 2019. How exciting? It’s certainly doable considering the sizeable $4.8m in funding they have raised late.

Are you excited about High Def vinyl? Or should wax stay true to it’s traditional ways?