Spencer Brown Releases The 'Illusion of Perfection' Tracklist


Spencer Brown Releases The 'Illusion  Perfection' TracklistIt’s a running joke in society that your twenties are meant for fumbling through life slightly drunk, with heaps student loans. Most twenty-somethings have absolutely no idea what they are passionate about, but have collectively agreed that’s okay, “we’re just figuring it out, man.” Sometimes though, there are rare instances in which a person is seemingly born knowing exactly what their true calling is. 24-year-old progressive house producer Spencer Brown is one those people. Realizing his passion for music at a young age, the Above & Beyond prodigy has shot to fame in just a few short years. Now on the brink a and debut album, Brown has released the tracklist to Illusion Perfection. 

If you can’t wait until May 11, the Duke graduate released his mix which contains almost all new music you can be sure to hear on the album.

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