EP: Dougie F – In Your Feelings


EP: Dougie F – In Your Feelings

Coming f the high from his Yellow Durag project, Dougie F returns to fer us another compelling project dubbed, In Your Feelings, again separating himself from the rest the noise.

When most people think the phrase, “In Your Feelings” its usual short for when you’re feeling “some type way,” an emotion commonly intertwined with mixed affections, more ten than not with another person.

In Your Feelings the EP is just that, a carefully selected compilation songs that fit into various moods while transitioning in and out a relationship. For Dougie F, the meaning is vast – he wants his fans to listen to this project through their own feelings, as there cannot be a right or wrong answer – its however you take the music.

For some, it could be reminiscent falling in and out love with a significant other. For others, each individual song can spark a series feelings one has felt with multiple relationships or people.

“The greatest thing about this project is how each moment is captured. There is a song for every scenario or stage love you may be in or have experienced,” Dougie F said to media in a statement. “This project takes you on a trip, through the highs and lows, beginning and ends and everything in between a courtship. Then on the last song it sparks a tenacious curiosity as I open your mind and start all over again.”

The project takes you on a trip and is produced by a host producers including Lurtz Oliver, Benny X, Critical, Taz Taylor, Junior Chef, Bewill, Ray L and the Blurry Boys.