Moshtix CEO celebrates site surviving another Splendour rush with a morning Scotch


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The top dog at Moshtix, Harley Evans has breathed a sigh relief today after getting past another heart palpitating Splendour In The Grass ticket rush.

The co-founder and CEO Moshtix celebrated the effort with a discrete Scotch in his fice this morning, something Evans tells us is his way “patting myself on the back” for a job well done.

Speaking exclusively with Stoney Roads’ B-Side Editor Micky ‘Muscles’ McClure, Evans said “Splendour sold out in just 6 minutes this morning. We always knew they were gonna go quick, but I’ll admit this morning was a fucking shit-show”.

Evans went on to add that he is actually quite a big Kendrick Lamar fan himself, and said, between sips his 21-year-old ‘special occasions’ bottle Glenfiddich, that “once you slap Kendrick on a line-up you’re pretty certain to sell out fast. That bloke has been known to give our servers a run for their money every time he visits the country… For that reason alone I think it’s a reasonable excuse for a morning nip.”

For more information on Splendour in The Grass, check the lineup . Did you score tickets this morning?