Carl Cox Announces His Return to Ibiza with New Summer Dates


Oh yes, Oh yes!

King techno is back! Carl Cox is heading to Ibiza this summer with his old Space crew, Game Over. Under the name One Night Stand, the shows will take place at three Ibiza’s oldest and most iconic clubs. Amnesia, Pacha, and DC-10 will all host Cox on July 2, July 10 and August 10, respectively. The techno pressor is also booked to play  at the biggest club in the world, Privilege.

It has only been two short years since the British producer ended his legendary 15-year residency at Space. Although he has been back to the White Isle since then, he has not been back to the since re-branded club HÏ Ibiza. In a recent interview with MixMag, Cox stated,

He also opened up about his chosen genre with DJMag, stating “Everybody is banding the word techno around now. Many years ago, friends friends would talk about my sets and say they wouldn’t come and see me because I play techno. Now they say they do want to come and see me because I play techno.” Cox goes on to say that techno should “scare the sh** out you.”

Get the sh** scared out you this summer with Carl Cox while he smashes records, and plays  this summer in Ibiza. Find your tickets

H/T: DJMag, Mixmag