KSHMR Drops Preview of His Remix For A Hans Zimmer Classic


KSHMR Drops Preview  His Remix For A Hans Zimmer ClassicThe film Gladiator is a classic thanks in large part to its original score. Hans Zimmer’s cinematic strings and ethereal vocals were gripping and emotive, and really locked the listener into the actions on the screen. Now two our favorite producers are bringing one these scores back to life.

That score, entitled ‘Now We Are Free’, was the acting theme song the film. And now all these years later, it’s back with that signature KSHMR and Mark Sixma flavor. Taking the iconic melodies and vocal lines that made the tune stand out, they added blasting percussive builds and a thundering bass line. The truly epic levels emotion deliver in full force when the track drops, and massive low-end synths and lead lines come in over the top. It is safe to say that we are definitely entertained with this upcoming release (which finally sees the light day this coming Sunday).