Calvin Harris And Dua Lipa Discuss 'One Kiss'


Friday, April 20th Calvin Harris, and singer Dua Lipa hit the stage and were featured on , which airs on BBC.

The duo’s hit song ‘One Kiss‘ was released on April 6’th, 2018 on Columbia Records.

On April 20’th the track reached the by beating out DrakesNice For What‘ in the UK charts.

One Kiss is the second single from Harris’ upcoming sixth studio album.

In the , Harris and Lipa recount meeting each other briefly at an after party two years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that Harris DM’d Lipa and attempted to get Lipa on a track his; as we can see, his attempt was .

Lipa goes on to promote her self-titled studio while Harris humbly proclaims he doesn’t rock out but rather “sits at his house and works on music”. I love the sound . The duo was also awarded a plaque for their hit song.

Harris has recently gone on the record praising the amazing house music coming out the UK as , as well as how he credits Virtual Self for his for dance music.

The video below features a rare Harris performance, with Dua Lipa on the vocals, as they entertain the studio audience with their number one hit.


While you’re here, check out the preview for Calvin’s new Halsey.

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