Jeff Mills shares "live performance projects" in new techno art exhibition


Jeff Mills is scheduled to unveil the second edition his techno art exhibition, titled ‘Weapons’, at Art Fair Monte Carlo in Monaco between April 28 – 29, 2018.

The exhibit is referred to as “a collection artifacts and art extracted from his conceptual and live performance projects.” His latest edition this art project focuses on the “psychological protection”, “transmissions” and “perceptions” techno music and the collateral creativity it has nurtured over the years.

Jeff Mills explains the concept behind his ‘Weapons’ project, saying: “Music has always been used as a weapon. In the mid-1980’s a form dance music, known as techno emerged as the need to stand up and speak out intensified, technology became cheaper more accessible to the average person, giving them the ability to construct a new type art form and industry from mixing ideas and visions – a genre that is based on like-mindedness and shared perceptions about the world and the degree in which it spins.”

One the exhibition’s pieces, titled ‘The Visitor’, can be seen below. Find out more details about the project here.

Watch the evolution Jeff Mills here

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