60,000 people are expected to attend an illegal rave in France


As we celebrate 30 years since the Summer Of Love, it seems fitting that tens thousands people are keeping the spirit rave alive by attending an illegal rave in France this week.

Teknival, taking place in Marigny, Marne, has been met with a no-no from local authorities, but the event’s organisers are still going ahead, with 60,000 people in total expected to pass through.

10,000 turned up on Saturday, according The Connexion, but the party doesn’t ficially begin until tomorrow (May 1).

Authorities prohibited any “festive gathering a musical nature” in Marne, after talks between the two parties broke down. They also tried to scupper the delivery sound equipment and have warned there will be “various reinforcements” on the site.

Organisers have asked festival-goers to ensure they clean up their mess “to avoid the degradation an area and the condemnation the participants.”

The amount Illegal raves in London have doubled in the space a year. One that took place recently in a disused Toys ‘R Us store was shut down by police.

See the flyer for Teknival below.

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