Your favorite DJs have been transformed into every day foods


Have you ever wondered what your favorite DJs taste like? No, probably not… That said, a prile on Instagram is taking matters into their own hands, transforming DJs into hilarious and delicious foods.

Back in 2013 a Tumblr account called DJs You Can Eat surfaced, which delivered cleverly photoshopped pictures DJ faces on every day foods. Some the early puns included Skrilleggs, Breadinski & Falafelstein, Busy Pea, David Bageutta, Pea Traits and more. Then in 2014 the account went cold. Now after a four year hiatus it seems as though the account is back, this time on Instagram, unloading more ridiculously brilliant food puns.

When DJs You Can Eat’s Instagram surfaced this weekend, Eggy Gou got the most attention as the artist Peggy Gou shared the image from her own page. Since that post, more images have been shared that are gaining increased attention from the dance music community. Moodynaan, Ben U.F.Pho, Joris Corn and Curry Chandler are among the best.

View the collection DJs You Can Eat below.