IKEA shares sneak peak of their turntable and ‘music party’ collection


Ever wanted to DJ from home, but don’t quite have the resources to fund such an expensive escapade? Well IKEA might just have you sorted. After recently announcing plans to launch a turntable and ‘ collection, IKEA and fellow Swedish hardware company, Teenage Engineering, have now revealed more details about the setup.

The fresh line speakers, turntables and lighting equipment shall be named Frekvens (Swedish for ‘frequency’) and features the minimalist design IKEA is renowned for. According to the specifications, Frekvens might just be a modular system. This would allow a number smaller parts, called modules, to be used in different systems, lending useful for budding sound enthusiasts.

Teenage Engineering founder, Jesper Kouthod that Frekvens’ beginnings were about creating an easy to use party setup:“Marcus Engman, head design at Ikea] got this idea that it’s kind like a home roadie thing, like you could set up your own sound system. Then I started thinking about how, a lot Swedes, we go to Ikea when we have a party—to get candles, napkins. Maybe we could do something that’s really affordable so people can buy a sound system, including a light show—a complete party.”

He continued by explaining the nuanced design elements that makes this collection unique.

“When we started, the obvious idea was to hide the speakers and sound objects, but then] we said, ‘No, let’s put it in the centre the room with lamps that blink, ‘Let’s make it a centrepiece, like stuff you put onstage.’’

Each piece within the range is expected to cost between $5-$99, which is totally affordable for a bedroom setup. IKEA expects to release the range in June 2019…so start saving! Check out the design layout below:

IKEA shares sneak peak  their turntable and ‘music party’ collection
IKEA shares sneak peak  their turntable and ‘music party’ collection
IKEA shares sneak peak  their turntable and ‘music party’ collection