LA’s dijon is the newest artist on your need-to-know list


If Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino had a love child, it would be dijon. The LA based singer and producer is demanding attention with his luscious, soul warming vocals and instrumentation, and his latest fering ‘Skin’ has broken our hearts in the best possible way. Drawing from inspiration his cultured life experiences from travelling the world, dijon graces us with an almost effortless track that sees his celestial vocals accompany a smooth and refreshing instrumental that’ll have you sinking into your seats.

Songs like this seem to remind us that musicians are people too. Where, what merely started f as a bedroom production, a place where the art form creating songs and melodies acted as an outlet to deal with life’s challenges, dijon was able to capture the imagination audiences globally through his passion for songwriting even while working 9-5 at a diner in LA.

After getting love from BROCKHAMPTON, it’s hard not to give this tune some attention and it’s well worth it.‘Skin’ is out now  Dark Green, Dark Green. Listen below: