Learning to DJ has been added to the UK school curriculum


: Mixmag

Learning to be a DJ is now an option for secondary education students in the UK and can count towards their General Certificate Secondary Education (GCSE). Along with guitars, drums and trumpets, examination boards in the UK are now recognising turntables, CDJ’s and other DJ gear as formal instruments, according to .

Pressional DJ’s Austen and Scott Smart have developed a DJ curriculum that is driving students to study music. The brothers, who run an education business called, , are helping students who may be disenfranchised with the overall learning process traditional schooling and turning them towards music.

“We’re also seeing a lot students who are not just maybe disengaged from the music department, but potentially disengaged from the rest the school. I believe that we are able to connect with them, with the music that they get.”

The Scott brothers are sending pressional DJs to tutor children across the UK and hope to “get more young people into music, and in turn more students taking GCSE and A-Level Music”.

Watch the video below to see how innovative music classes are benefiting school kids in the UK.