Premiere: Rebel Yell drops face-melting acid joint ‘Next Exit’


Brisbane based DJ and producer, Rebel Yell, shares ‘Next Exit‘, a stirring acid track which instantly impresses. Grace Stevenson, A.K.A Rebell Yell, is preparing to release her debut album, ‘Hired Muscle‘ on June 22nd a swiss army knife USB which shall include a digital download the album and a clip for each track.

 ‘Next Exit’ is a fist pumping acid cut, which from the outset, radiates an underground rave vibe. Distorted synths and a crackling baseline underscore the track which is accompanied by a progressive-tech beat. The joint is hallmarked by an uncompromising rawness which gives it plenty power. Not only would this track be suitable for the underground club scene, but it would translate perfectly to a renegade do held in a picturesque industrial wasteland.

Rebel Yell explains how her latest release came to life, with the help Patrick Hase who composed the accompanying video clip. ”One the first songs written for the album, Next Exit is a techno track created from a home studio jam. A hard hitting techno burner. A visceral experience noise and repetition, carving deep discordant tones into a neat electronic dance tune. Complemented by Patrick Hase’s complete face melt a film clip,” 

Hase suggests the origin the film clip ”distils abstract 90s rave animation and video games into digital visual excess. It explores the illusion movement within animation and games and the focus on forward momentum as a means achievement.