Alison Wonderland gets candid on emotional abuse: "At my lowest point, I tried to kill myself"


Besides delivering slamming DJ sets and bass beats, Alison Wonderland has made it a point her career to be refreshingly open and honest about her journey with mental health.

Her recently released second album ‘Awake’ serves as an example how she integrates raw lyrics and personal experiences into her music. In a new interview with Viceland, Alison opens up further about her harrowing experiences in a toxic, emotionally abusive relationship, battling depression and anxiety and reaching a point where she considered suicide.

“I was completely disintegrating,” she begins. On camera, she holds back tears. “It was a very tough time. I wasn’t eating. I wasn’t talking to anyone. It was literally destroying me. I couldn’t remember what was good about me, I couldn’t remember why anyone would even like me. I couldn’t remember why I was even here, and at my lowest point, I tried to kill myself.”

Watch the full interview below and read more about DJs opening up about mental health here.