Reports Show Tidal Altered Streaming Numbers for Beyonce & Kanye


In a released by Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv, the streaming service Tidal is being accused manipulating, and falsifying the streaming numbers two its biggest stars in Beyonce and Kanye West. The streaming service which was initially purchased and championed by rap mogul Jay-Z features some the music world’s biggest stars including Deadmau5Rihanna, & Calvin Harris to name a few.

The report states that Tidal intentionally falsified streaming numbers for ’s “Lemonade” and ’s “Life Pablo”, respectively. The manipulation the streaming numbers directly resulted in Tidal paying out artificially inflated royalties to the artists’ labels. The over payment royalties to Beyonce & Kanye came at the expense Tidals‘ remaining artist. How this will be received is yet to be seen.

Tidal Manipulations

Tidal, known to keep a tight lid on its data, still manages to celebrate some alleged milestones. It claimed:

It were these very same claims that led the Norwegian news outlet to look into Tidal‘s streaming numbers. Dagens Næringsliv reports to have received “a hard drive holding internal streaming numbers from the company”. Upon investigation and review the data, it seems as though Tidal‘s user base is closer to one million in total, compared to the three million the company had .

According to the investigation:

The Norwegian newspaper began investigating in , and only now upon further research and by other institutes was it published.The report can be viewed .

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