Calvin Harris Makes The Same Amount As An Ordinary Job In Just A Few Hours


Ever wonder how much money Calvin Harris makes and how it compares to an ordinary job? has grown to be the highest paid DJ in the world, bringing in an astonishing $48.5 million annually according to Forbes. Tiesto and The Chainsmokers follow Harris, bringing in a still impressive $39 million and $38 million respectively. With Harris dominating financially, lets take some time to put that amount money in perspective.

If Harris is making $48.5 million a year, do some math here – that basically means he’s making a little over $132,000 a day! To further explain this, Midnation completed an in-depth study the salaries the top earners in the music industry and compared them to the salaries many common jobs we think everyday. As crazy as it sounds, they found that Calvin is making the annual salary a truck driver in the US – every three hours. Imagine the things you could buy with that amount money…

Back in January, Oxfam International released its , revealing some shocking statistics – such as how “in the US, it takes slightly over one working day for a CEO to earn what an ordinary worker makes in a year.”

This report is what prompted the examination between top paid musicians and ordinary day job salaries. After looking over the graph below, maybe we should all learn to DJ!

Check out the infographic below containing more top artists and their salaries.

Calvin Harris Makes The Same Amount As An Ordinary Job In Just A Few Hours