Autograf's Jake Carpenter Opens Up About Health & Group's Absense


Autograf's Jake Carpenter Opens Up About Health & Group's AbsenseAs many you may have noticed, the group Autograf has been completing their tour one man short. While traveling throughout the USA, Mikul and Louis have been on their own while Jake was nowhere to be seen. Just recently, Jake left us with a concerning message, stating that his absence was due to a mental break in 2017.

After taking a break from touring for about 5 months, Jake was able to recuperate and seek help from friends and family. “I feel balanced, stable, and healthy- and in the process got to spend lots time in the studio writing music, sculpting, drawing, and creating”, he wrote. All in all, we are glad Jake took a break from touring to focus on his health and well-being.

is a growing concern, ten forgotten and overlooked. After several losses in the music industry due to mental health, it’s time to put less important things on pause and be there for those who need help. By all means, we are glad Jake is recovering well, and in the process, found what he loves in life again. We look forward to seeing him back on the stage with Autograf in the future!

Check out the full post from Jake below: