Nicki Minaj Tour Tickets Struggled To Sell Prior To Postponement: Report


    The release Queen has been a defining moment in Nicki Minaj’s career. The artist put “blood, sweat and tears” into the creation the project. It’s debut at no. 2 on the Billboard 200 prompted the artist to lash out at all the different entities behind her supposed failure. It has now been reported that Queen‘s supporting tour is f to an even worse start. 

    According to a source at Live Nation, the situation is dire considering the flimsy ticket sales to date.

    “Nicki’s tour could be the most disappointing ticket sales the year for any artist. These are big arenas with up to 20,000 capacities. Sales for opening night in Baltimore is 2,000 tickets. LA is 3,400, New Orleans 1,000, Denver 1,300, Chicago 3,900. Even her hometown Brooklyn is only 5,050.”

    The figures point to a possibility the tour being canceled altogether, according to multiple sources.

    An industry insider shares their take on the source her erratic behavior.

    “Nicki has gone f the rails. She can’t take it that she sold less records than Cardi B (who’s stealing her thunder big time) in her first week; she can’t take it that Travis beat her to No. 1. Her ticket sales for her tour are in the toilet, and it’s making her even more crazy.”

    This comes after the news  Future’s withdrawal from the American leg their joint tour and its postponement.