Malaa Switches It Up With New Single “Belleville”


One Malaa’s most elusive, unreleased bangers from his global DJ sets has been ficially set free ’s label. As a little added bonus, the track is completely free for download (a rarity for this label).

“Belleville” may mark a slight shift in sound for and friends. If you’ve kept up with his releases, you should know that he recently released a huge mixtape titled Illegal. This tape was chock full tech-house tracks that we don’t normally see released through CONFESSION, which mainly puts out future-house tunes. Just recently, however, CONFESSION released anwhich was also a bit tech-y as well.

Perhaps CONFESSION is looking to expand their genre horizons. “Belleville” isn’t a full switch to tech-house from Malaa’s usual sound, but it certainly contains many those elements. For example, the big white-noise swell right at the drop is a commonly used tactic. Malaa has been utilizing other minimalist techniques as well in his more recent tracks like “React” (w/ Gerry Gonza), and “Contagious,” both f his

If CONFESSION is looking to get into the tech-house game, we can definitely expect to see some newer artists taking advantage that. For now, let’s enjoy this dope track from Malaa. Go ahead and listen right here:

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