WildOnes (ft. Milana May) – “One Love”


WildOnes, the Russian trio, makes thewir killer return to with a brand new song “One Love” featuring Milana May. A tropically infused production with perfectly crafted melodies and vocals, “One Love” is a signature summer tune. “One Love” is calm, gentle, and extremely melodic, and Milana May’s vocals superbly accompany the production.

“One Love” comes after “You Dancing” and “Nobody But You.” Elements from ‘s productions are most definitely at the forefront “One Love” – especially during the chorus. Milana May’s vocals, however, balance calm and power during the entire piece. A subtle bass that’s sidechained to the kick really helps bring about “One Love’s” soothing nature. “One Love” is a beautiful piece from start to finish.

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