Dada Life's Olle Will Stop Touring But Continue Producing for the Duo


Avicii may have had a very public display the struggles artists encounter on the touring life, but he is far from the only one. Besides Avicii’s retirement from touring, many duos in dance music have begun touring as solo acts. Blasterjaxx began touring solo but continued producing together, and Aly & Fila will frequently perform shows with only one the two producers. Now the well known Dada Life will encounter the same change.

The Dada Life duo have been iconic since their Bananas in Pajamas days as kids, but now Olle is hanging up his touring suitcase. Taking to Facebook, Olle announced that he is beginning to see the effects touring on his well being. Notably, Olle also fought and beat a cancer scare but he assured fans that was unrelated to his current issues. From now on, Dada Life shows will see Stefan performing solo while the duo will continue producing together. However he assured us the Rules Dada will continue to spread throughout the land.