Tom & Collins Are Back with New EP A Different Kind of High


Household names to EDM fans after this summer’s smash hit “Give Me One Reason”, Tom & Collins made an even bigger splash in December with the release of their new, five-song EP A Different Kind of High.

The fashion-forward duo, recently becoming the faces and sound behind Yves St Laurent’s latest fragrance La Nuit de ‘Homme Electrique, are set to set dance floors the world over ablaze with this collection of diverse and groove-driven tracks.

Some standouts on the tracklist are “Real”, with uses wobbly synths to create a unique sense of motion, and “Oui Oui”, which uses some soulful guitars to guide the tracks into a rich bass rhythm punctuated with sharp synth strikes.

Check out the tracks below to see why everyone’s hyped on A Different Kind of High.