​Q-Tip is teaching a class on jazz and hip-hop at NYU this Fall


A Tribe Called Quest member Q-Tip will be joining NYU’s teaching staff this coming Fall to teach a course on the “intertwined relationship between jazz and hip-hop” at NYU’s Tisch School the Arts.

Teaching the course with music journalist Ashley Kahn, Q-Tip will teach his class about the historical, social and musical significance both genres while simultaneously giving his students the opportunity to produce original music that ties the two sonic worlds together.

Q-Tip is one the pioneering hip-hop stalwarts to first use a heavy jazz connection in his celebrated hip-hop production. “I couldn’t be more excited to share with the students what I know and I look forward to them also teaching me,” says Q-Tip in a statement published on NYU’s website. “Teaching is an exchange sharing and receiving for all involved.”

Further exploring his connection to Jazz, Q-Tip will star as Miles Davis in the new play My Funny Valentine. Learn more here

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