Black Thought On Pusha T/Drake Beef & How He Really Feels About Logic's Music


Still riding high f the release his collaborative effort with 9th Wonder, Streams Of Thought Vol.1, Black Thought stopped by Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning to chat about (among other things) his infamous Funkmaster Flex freestyle, his views on the Drake/Pusha T beef, and what he really thinks Logic’s music.

“I committed all the bars to memory. I commit everything I write to memory, but I use them in a different configuration than they were in originally,” he said his bar-setting freestyle. “I wanted this freestyle to be a journey. There were] certain buttons that I wanted to push that add validity to me as an MC, as a forward thinker, and as an artist.”

When asked by Laura Stylez when he discovered his gift for rhyming, Black Thought humbly explained he’s been nice since his youth. “I’ve been rocking since like the third or fourth grade,” he said. “When I was nine years old I did one my first performances. Like at age nine or 10 … me and Beanie Sigel had a group. I have kinda been rocking ever since.”

“I was always, you know, the one who could rap,” he added. “Like I wasn’t into sports or into any that other stuff. I was focused on music since before I was a teenager.”

When the conversation shifted to the topic du jour, Drake vs. Pusha T, the man born Tariq Trotter seemed hesitant to take a clear side, noting he liked both songs for different reasons. He did share that the super deep personals aren’t his cup tea.

“I’m not the biggest fan the whole getting so personal … involving children and spouse or anything like that.” he said. “Not that I didn’t like it, it’s just not my favorite. I’m super private and I would, you know, I would prefer to keep it that way]. Hopefully, I wouldn’t have a rap beef with anyone, but I would prefer to keep it based on what’s out, you know what I mean?”

He also shared his thoughts on Drake’s infamous blackface photos. “There’s ten an explanation that’s going to make sense,” he said, noting that he also appeared in blackface in the film Bamboozled.

Black Thought also admitted he’s not the biggest fan Logic’s music.

“I’m not the hugest fan Logic’s] music in all honesty. I like the song we did together. I liked some the joints on his new album,” he said before adding, “I really like Logic just as a dude, you know what I’m saying?”

“For me, sometimes that matters more,” he continued. “I’ll be willing to go into the studio and collaborate with people and just see what comes it.”

Check out the full interview above.