​Listen to unearthed electro material from late Drexciya member James Stinson


Unheard music from Drexciya member James Stinson has just been released under his Transllusion moniker on Clone Records’ Aqualung Series.

The release this four-track EP ‘A Moment Insanity’ come from Stinson’s final Transllusion session on a tape that had zero identifying information other than a title.

Before Drexciya’s departure from the scene in 2003 following the untimely death James Stinson Stinson, the stormy sound this afro-futurist Detroit duo and their extensive “Drexciyan music catalog” spawned a new generation producers who would look to the mysterious group’s work as a basis for everything that followed.

Listen to clips the EP below and secure your own copy by going here.

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