Kanye West rumoured to be involved in Pornhub awards ceremony


This is weird. Pornhub have an annual awards ceremony. What is weirder is that they are in talks with Kanye West to have him as the creative director.

The site’s first Pornhub Awards will be streamed live on the site, taking place in LA this week and according to , “there are some insane negotiations going on” in regards to locking in West to help participate in the website’s major inaugural event.

In another weird turn events, apparently Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian is also nominated in the category celebrity the year. Just to keep things in the family.

This isn’t Yeezy’s first time publicly involving himself with Pornhub, check below as just last month he scored himself a free lifetime membership after admitting that he still gets around the site from time to time.

We aren’t sure what to think this one, but hey if you read this Kanye we hope it all works out for you.

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