50 Cent Continues Feud By Posting Nude Photo Of "Busta Rhymes"


    These days, 50 Cent is more relevant for his use Instagram than for any music he puts out. Other than “Get The Strap,” Fiddy hasn’t put out much to his name this year. Of course, he’s working hard behind-the-scenes on Power and his numerous business ventures but we’d like to hear the New York legend more on the mic. We’re not entirely sure how 50 decides to go after his opponents but his trolling ways seem to always be fresh, going after a different subject on a near-daily basis. This week, he chose to clown Busta Rhymes for having the “strongest neck” in hip-hop. Bus wasn’t entirely fond the award though as they began a back-and-forth session with Fiddy updating the feud with his latest upload: a fake nude photo Busta.

    Due to the nature the image, we can’t exactly include it in this post but 50 posted a photo a fully nude man from behind, overlooking a waterscape. The man has his hands on his hips, fully enjoying the view and Fiddy took it upon himself to call up his graphic designer to edit Busta’s head onto his body. Of course, the rapper used his signature “get the strap” line to close out the post, reminding everybody just how ruthless he can be online.

    Hopefully, he keeps the same type energy if the two meet up in person. We’ve included a link to the post here.