Drake & Jay-Z Are Early Winners Of The "Street Dealer To Drug Lord" Meme


    The “Street Dealer to Drug Lord” meme is the newest to discover the rags to riches template. “Glow up” memes have littered the Web earlier than, however not within the organized method during which the “Street Dealer” meme presents itself. Inevitably, the meme is being disguised as a motivational instrument, however in lots of circumstances, it finally ends up embarrassing the topic.

    The Internet has an uncanny reminiscence with regards to retaining compromising photographs, some extra humiliating than others. The left-hand facet the “Street Dealer” meme is usually occupied by the older compromised picture, the best facet, an considerable “present day” model the topic. Many the extra slicing submissions use cultural phenomena already embedded in our minds, like the photographs that had been uncovered Rick Ross as a correctional ficer in a earlier lifetime.

    Other submissions incorporate an identical factor familiarity even when they do not pertain to a second specifically, instance being a time-specific picture Jay-Z carrying a durag, or one thing that order. Here are some the perfect submissions on this early juncture the “Street Dealer to Drug Lord” meme ascendancy.